The Ultimate Guide to Buying German Cuckoo Clocks for Your Home

Choosing the Right Cuckoo Clock for Your Needs

The cuckoo clock is a timeless symbol of the Alps and Bavarian landscapes.

Choosing the right cuckoo clock can be difficult, especially if there are many models available. The cuckoo clock buying guide will help you find the best cuckoo clocks for sale. We will take a look at the most qualitative brand, as well as what to look for when searching for a new clock.

This guide will walk through some of the most important considerations to make when choosing your next cuckoo clock purchase.

What Makes Some Cuckoo Clocks Better Than Others?

Cuckoo clocks are timepieces that use the sounds of a cuckoo bird's calls to keep track of hours.

There are many different types of cuckoos, with some being more expensive than others.

black wood cuckoo clocks

Cuckoos can be made out of different materials including wood, plastic, and metal.

The type of wood used is important because it will affect the sound quality.

Which Cuckoo Clock Movement Cycle Would You Like For Your Home?

A true cuckoo clock traditionally offers cycles of 1 or 8 days before the clock starts a new cycle. Whether you choose a chalet cuckoo clock or a carved cuckoo clock, you will have the choice of animating the clock by dancing little characters every cycle or singing the cuckoo every hour.

german cuckoo clock carvedgerman cuckoo clock chalet

Discover here a collection of cuckoo clocks programmed on 1 day cycles.

Discover here a collection of cuckoo clocks programmed on 8 days cycles.


What is a Traditional Swiss-Style Cuckoo Clock?

A traditional Swiss-style cuckoo clock is a type of cuckoo clock which features a mechanical movement with a pendulum. These clocks are made in different regions of Switzerland, but they are most popular in the Black Forest region.

The traditional Swiss-style cuckoo clocks are known to have a more refined look and sound.

The traditional Swiss-style cuckoos have a softer, quieter sound compared to other types of clocks. The reason for this is that the gears get slower when the clock reaches one hour. This causes the bird to be less noisy and it has been known to have a more refined look.

traditional cuckoo clock

This type of clock has two sets of weights on its back side. One set controls how often it chirps, while one set controls how many chirps it makes per hour.

Want to learn more about cuckoo clock weights ? We have written an entire article on this subject right here.

The German Cuckoo Clock Style

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The German Cuckoo Clock Style is a style of cuckoo clock that has become popular in Germany. The style has evolved over the years to incorporate more and more features, but the original design was made by Anton Reichelt.

cuckoo clock movement


The German Cuckoo Clock Style is characterized by its intricate detailing, which makes them expensive. They are made with hand carved woods and metal whereas other styles are usually made of plastic or wood veneers. Some people consider the sound of the cuckoo bird to be sweeter, since there is no machinery involved in the clocks' operation.

The Benefits of Owning an Hönes German Cuckoo Clock

Ever wondered why a German-made cuckoo clock is better than any other? Well, they are not just made of metal and then painted. For example, The traditional manufacturer “Hönes” are intricately handcrafting their cuckoo clocks by using an unmatched and traditional know-how.

They are more durable and accurate because they use wood from sustainable forests rather than veneer. All the materials used in the construction of these clocks are sourced from or manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.

germa cuckoo clocks hönes

In addition to this, most German cuckoo clocks have been finished with an antique look, which gives them a rustic feel - perfect for any room's decoration. And lastly, they're designed to produce sound that is much louder and more resonant - making them perfect for those living on a busy street or working at home.

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