The Antique Cuckoo Clock That Have Made History : The Beha Cuckoo Clock

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The Original and Most Popular " Beha Clocks"

Now let’s talk about the real deal, the original Beha cuckoo Clock.

The first antique cuckoo clock was made in the mid-18th-century in Germany’s Black Forest region, which is just north of Switzerland. That’s perhaps the reason why the cuckoo clock is thought to have originated in Switzerland/Germany

By the end of the 18th-century, the craft of making the cuckoo clock had become so popular in this region that it morphed into a full-fledged industry.

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Clockmakers would spend months in winter making clocks with intricate details. These would then be passed on to traders who sold them across Europe in the summertime.

With time, the first Switzerland cuckoo clock was made. That was long before the 20th-century when Swiss clockmakers thought of including a chalet music box on a cuckoo clock.

The world could not help but fall in love with this new style of clock making and its representation of the idyllic and peaceful Alpine lifestyle.

Today, the Switzerland style cuckoo clock is the most popular.

Who is Johann Baptist Beha?

Johann Baptist Beha was born in 1815 in Eisenbach. He rose to become one of the most prestigious Black Forest clockmakers. His fast experience as a clockmaker was under the pupillage of his father Vinzenz Beha in a family-owned workshop. As a popular clockmaker, V. Beha made over 365 clocks from 1939 to 1845.

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People were already in love with the older Beha’s clocks by the time Johann B. Beha was founding his own workshop in 1845. He was among the pioneers of Black Forest Horology.

As one of the best cuckoo clock makers of his time, Johann B. Baptist won several international silver and gold medals for his design prowess and craftsmanship. A case in point is the 1873 gold medal he won during the Vienna World Trade exhibition.

Previously, he had won great prizes in Paris and London. It is, however, the merit medal he won from the United States Centennial Commission during the 1876 Philadelphia clocks show. This was followed by further honors in 1877 in Karlsruhe, 1885 in London, 1877 in Freiburg, 1893 in Chicago, and 1895 in Strasbourg.

The Rarest Cuckoo Clock In The World

The rarest cuckoo clock in the world is a mechanical cuckoo clock from 1887. There were four of these clocks made, and one is lost, so there are only three left. The clocks have been featured at a museum in Germany and a museum in Russia. These clocks are considered to be extremely valuable because they are the only ones that still exist from this era.

The rarest cuckoo clocks in the world are made of aluminum, which is a soft metal. These models were created by hand but they are not considered priceless. They are so rare because there are only about fifty of them left in the world.

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Antique Cuckoo Clocks That You Can Buy For Yourself

In today's modern world, many people are more concerned with functionality and innovation than anything else. In order to stay relevant in the marketplace, companies must continually keep up with new trends and make sure their products can compete with the newest innovations that come out each year. This is why you won't see any ordinary cuckoo clocks at a store today.

The cuckoo clocks that you can't find anywhere else are made in rural areas of the Black Forest Mountains. These clocks are handcrafted with precision and care, and come with a ten-year warranty.

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