7 Most Frequent Mistakes Made When Installing Cuckoo Clock

Most frequent Mistakes

1. Ensure that the clock is always hung at an angle on a solid nail or screw in a stud.

The "falling off the wall" issue should be resolved as a result. Useless image hooks are used.

2. Position the clock so that its back is flush with the wall.

Carved Cuckoo Clock 8 Days Movement - das Rudel

3. Avoid looking straight ahead. Using a level, list Avoid aiming for an even tick tock sound with your eyes level.

By doing this, the clock won't stop.

Chalet Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - Trink Brüderlein Trink

4. Verify that the wire is totally clear of the door if the clock does not cuckoo.

Verify that any rubber bands, Styrofoam, and clips from the bellows and the inside of the clock are entirely removed.

(Not all clocks have Styrofoam or rubber straps.) Make sure the "quiet" lever is positioned correctly.

5. You can modify the carving on the pendulum if the clock is not keeping accurate time.

To make the time run quicker, move it closer to the clock, and to slow it down, move it farther away from the clock.

Lower is more slowly.

Carved Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - Wilde Tiere

6. Never assist in lifting or lowering the weights. When raising the shackles, never ing them.

To put it another way: Don't touch Avoid touching While pulling the chains, avoid touching the weights.

The weighted chain must continually be under pressure to maintain it on the sprocket.

Carved Cuckoo Clock 8 Days Movement - Adlerauge

7. The bird occasionally protrudes when the door is open. Don't force the bird to enter the cage again if it refuses to do so.

Open the clock's back, remove the weights and pendulum. 

And check that the wire that runs across the top is under the tail of the cuckoo bird on the bottom.

This wire raises the bird's tail, and if it were to accidentally get on top of the tail, it might prevent the bird from returning to the clock.

Chalet Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - das weiße Moos

Setting the Clock

The bigger (minute hand) should be turned backward while maintaining a tight grip on the clock's hands until the appropriate time is displayed.

Keep the smaller in place (hour hand). The cuckoo should call the proper time after the first hour.

When moving the minute hand in a clockwise direction, you must stop each time to allow the bird to finish its cry and musical accompaniment.

Make that the cuckoo's shut-off switch is in the ON position after setting the clock's hands.

Chalet Cuckoo Clock 8 Days Movement - Wanderer

To set the timer

While the weights are hanging straight down towards the floor, pull the chain end with the brass rings.

Never touch or lift the weights to assist in lifting them.

Chalet Cuckoo Clock 8 Days Movement - Bauernhof

To control the time

Slide the pendulum leaf or disc gently lower if the timepiece is ticking quickly.

Lower is more slowly. gen Lower moves more slowly when the clock is running slowly.

Gently raise the pendulum disc or leaf. Please swing the pendulum once every day, and only a little bit at a time.

Whatever the issue, never use force if something doesn't seem to be working well!

Reread the force's accompanying instructions! please give us a call at mycuckooclock.com

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