Carved Cuckoo Clock

An Antique Know-How For Your Decoration

This hand-carved cuckoo clock collection provides something for every home decorator, from the delicate to the extravagant, and from deeply stained wood to vibrantly painted masterpieces. A finely carved cuckoo clock will have a distinct place in your house, whether it dominates the wall of a cabin with a 32" antlered buck or is modest and tranquil with just the appropriate amount of ornamentation.

Two Styles That Suits Your Home

We offer two distinctively styled variants within this collection of carved clocks: hunter style and station style. The most typical characteristics of hunter clocks are a natural wood look with leaves, birds, and other creatures such as bears, owls, and deer, with the stag being the most prominent. Among these, some of the Hunter cuckoo clocks typically include a horn, a backpack, and weapons. Station House cuckoo clocks are made to look like a guardhouse from an ancient railroad station and have an architectural and more geometric appearance.

Whatever style you go with, it’s like hanging a masterpiece or exhibiting a sculpture on your wall: the carver of the clock will be eternally bonded with you and your family, and the clock will undoubtedly be passed down as a family heirloom, loved for where it comes from, who has owned it, and the legacy that it leaves behind.