Chalet Cuckoo Clock Movement - 1 Day

An Iconic Bird Song Every Day

Cuckoo clocks often bring to mind a flood of memories on hearing the iconic “coo coo” call. The eye-catching piece in grandfather’s parlor triggers loving childhood memories of hearing the coo coo call during the middle of the night when you couldn’t sleep. Rebuilt to fit the sophisticated interior, These cuckoo clocks serve something more than just German craftsmanship and ingenuity. Experience the new time of cuckoo clocks with cuckoo place’s chalet cuckoo timekeepers.

An Elegant and Traditional Alpine Style

This Chalet Cuckoo Clock set features sheer slabs of carved wood holding magnificent hand-painted birds that jump from the side or front of an elegant, reasonable, and dependably hand-created artwork. This melodic collection is recognized for its intricately carved features, hand painted figures, and lively animations such as wood choppers chopping, beer steins raising, mill wheels working, and couples dancing in typical Black Forest garb. In other words, there's more to this collection of chalet cuckoo clocks than just a cuckoo bird. There is a lot more activity, a lot more dancing, working, playing, drinking, and celebrating.