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A beautiful cuckoo clock with the symbolic sound of the bird or typical German and Swiss melodies for the whole week. There is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy the melody of your clock in symbiosis with the thread of time. Chalet Cuckoo clocks or Carved Cuckoo clocks have a certain place in the minds of traditionalists and represent a whole symbol and art. This is why the e-shop My Cuckoo Clock was created. To highlight these works of art that lack visibility despite their strong popularity mainly in Germany. We want to make sure that everyone can find the cuckoo clock that suits him best while offering only handmade pieces from Black Forest.

Our black forest handmade cuckoo clocks



It must be said that the choice of these handmade pieces is quite daring. There are some with cycles of 1 or 8 days, in the traditional Swiss chalet shapes or directly cut to represent a scene of nature. Thus, we cater to all tastes following the ancient tradition. Thus, no one is left out and satisfaction is total. Children will also be happy to bring this iconic sound into the house, creating unforgettable memories for later.



At www.mycuckooclock.com, we are committed to shipping all orders within 48 hours, with free delivery on any order. Furthermore, we guarantee "satisfied or reimbursed" within 14 days of receiving your package. And don't forget that we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions, there is no robot but a human being behind all this! This is very useful in order to have an adapted and efficient answer and not a reference to an endless FAQ...