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This is a delicacy of the past that has not lost its essence. The authentic black forest cuckoo clocks are the ones that can bring back the era of innovation and inventions. This wooden cuckoo clock is an example of innovation and intervention from the 18th century, when the clock makers came up with the idea of a wooden craved clock having a cuckoo bird in it that can come out at call and make a coo coo sound. The intricate carvings bring to life Nature in all her beauty, freedom, and wildness. Lavish with details of woodland foliage, this carving clock rates as one of the most unique and elaborate carved cuckoo clocks ever created.

Antique Cuckoo Clock

The 1-Day Antique Cuckoo Clock Movement

Winding a traditional black forest cuckoo clock is required to keep it running. Every 24 hours or once a week, the certified black forest cuckoo clock must be wound. This cuckoo clock has a one-day movement, which means it must be wound once every 24 hours. The movement of the clock is controlled by the pendulum of the cuckoo clock. The wooden cuckoo clock has a pendulum along with the cuckoo clock weights which are in a pine cone shape. The cuckoo clock has no music or dancers.

black forest carved cuckoo clock

An Outstanding HandCrafted Antique Cuckoo Clock

Each and every element of the authentic black forest cuckoo clock is made from Linder wood, which is craved by the craftsmen. These craftsmen have mastered the art of carving that has been passed down for generations. The handwork makes the cuckoo clock more exquisite. The clock does not need batteries to work, it operates on the mechanical function which is induced by gears, needles, and weights.

antique carved cuckoo clock

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black forest certificate cuckoo clock made in germany