Carved Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - unauffällige Vogel

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The only thing a cuckoo bird clock is known for is the cuckoo bird that comes out of the roof and makes the cry. The coo coo transports you back to a time when you used to pluck at the dangling pine cones or stay up at night waiting for the cuckoo to cry. This is a traditional German black forest cuckoo clock from the 18th century, which will bring back memories of simpler times to your home. This one-of-a-kind clock is a tribute to our forefathers and legacy, as well as German workmanship and innovation.

carved original cuckooclock

The 1Day Traditional Cuckoo Clock Cycle

Every 24 hours, the 1 day movement cuckoo clock must be wound. The original black forest cuckoo clock does not use batteries and instead relies on a mechanical mechanism to function. The cuckoo clock pendulum and cuckoo clock weights are part of the mechanical work that allows the cuckoo clock to function and the cuckoo bird to visit when the call is made. The German black forest cuckoo clock weighs approximately 2-3 kg and has no music or dancers. It has a pendulum that works in accordance to the weights.

black forest carved cuckoo clock

A Beautifully HandCrafted Traditional Cuckoo Clock

The real black forest cuckoo clock is built entirely of Linder wood, which is highly prized by the craftsman. These artisans have mastered the art of woodcarving, which has been passed down through the generations. The handwork adds to the beauty of the cuckoo clock. The clock does not require batteries to function; instead, it relies on mechanical function produced by gears, needles, and weights.

antique carved cuckoo clock

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black forest certificate cuckoo clock made in germany