Carved Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - Großartiges Holz

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This intricately carved timepiece depicts how intensely the designs on carved cuckoo clocks are inspired by the myriad facets of nature. Its entire casing is artistically embellished by leaves and boughs that frame a lovely antique-style dial. This handcrafted cuckoo clock will transport you to the Renaissance era where wood sawyers were seen cutting logs of wood, clockmakers busy in workshops, clock peddlers selling door to door, shepherds guarding their sheep, bittersweet memories of times past. When the cuckoo bird comes out and coos at the call, you may rediscover the thrill and excitement of childhood all over again.The genuine black forest cuckoo clocks are the only ones that can transport you back to a time when inventiveness and ingenuity were commonplace.

The 1-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Movement

The 1 day movement cuckoo clock needs to be wind every 24 hours. Since the authentic black forest cuckoo clock does not work on batteries, but has a mechanical mechanism to work. The cuckoo clock pendulum and cuckoo clock weights are the part of the mechanical work that makes the cuckoo clock work and the cuckoo bird make the visit on the call. The German black forest cuckoo clock is about 2-3 kg in weight and has no music or dancers.

black forest carved cuckoo clock

An Outstanding HandCrafted Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

The masterpiece takes a lot to come into existence. The Linder wood is used for the cuckoo clock that is carved by craftsmen who have been learning this art from their ancestors. The passing down of the techniques has made the cuckoo clock a masterwork and a subject of the heritage. The traditional style used to make these cuckoo clocks has kept the heritage alive since ages.

antique carved cuckoo clock

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