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Cuckoo Hand Carved Clocks are long-lasting clocks that celebrate Nature with all its beauty, freedom, and wildness. Over the centuries, these clocks have become famous for their intricate carvings on their landscapes depicting scenes from the legendary Alpine forests and mountains.Wood carving is an art passed on for generations and has a significant effect on the human personality. Those who love to stay in touch with their heritage and have a taste for a refined style look for masterpieces that reflect their personality.

wild animal carved cuckoo cock

The 1-Day Carved Cuckoo Clock Movement

The cuckoo clock sound is a result of the gear and needles arranged in a manner that can make the coo-coo sound. The cuckoo bird comes out for the call every hour. But there is a difference between a 1 day movement and an 8 day movement cuckoo clock. A German black forest cuckoo clock that has a 1 day movement means they need to be wound every 24 hours. The mechanism of working depends on the cuckoo clock weights and cuckoo clock pendulums. The carved cuckoo clock has the trademark carvings of the black forest that include the deer, birds, leaves, and the pine cones.

black forest carved cuckoo clock

An Outstanding HandCrafted Carved Cuckoo Clock

The cuckoo clock is made from hardwood having deer and birds decorations along with the wooden pine cones. The wooden cuckoo clock is made by the traditional method of carving. This particular product is 2-3 kg with no music and dancers. The German black forest cuckoo clock has intricate carving and mechanical clock functions. All these elements make this cuckoo clock an authentic black forest cuckoo clock.

antique carved cuckoo clock

We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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black forest certificate cuckoo clock made in germany