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Our carved cuckoo clocks are lavishly stained and include intricate carving of forest and mountain scenes: featuring trees, blossoms, leaves, twirling vines, and other eye-catching scenes of the enchanting black forests. Carved wood is a form of art that originated from Germany in the Middle Ages, a time when cuckoo clocks were a luxury, the clockmakers came up with the idea of incorporating wood carving into clocks. The expertise of these craftsmen shows in their ability to capture the ambiance of nature (through botanical carvings) and the vibrance of woodland life (through animal figurines), and creatively lock them together in wood for eternity.

owl carved cuckoo clock 8 days movement

The 8-Days Cuckoo Clock Cycle: A Peace Of Mind

The German black forest cuckoo clocks are not operated by batteries but are operated via mechanical function. This mechanical system is developed by incorporating gears, needles, weights, and pendulums in the clock. The 8 day movement cuckoo clock means it will need to be wound after 8 days. This cuckoo clock is 2-3 kg in weight and non-musical with no dancers or moving elements.

Carved Cuckoo Clock

An Antique Cuckoo Clock For Tradition Lovers

The art of wooden cuckoo clock making has been passed down from generations. The clockmakers use Linder wood due to its hardness and carve the black forest-inspired decorations on it. The craftsmen are experts and follow the same procedure used in the 18th century for the making of an authentic black forest cuckoo clock.

Cuckoo Clock Sound

We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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