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This flawlessly carved cuckoo clock shows how detailed the designs on carved cuckoo clocks are inspired by the myriad facets of nature. It is masterfully adorned by leaves and boughs that outline a wonderful antique-style dial. Carved wood is a type of art that dates to the Middle Ages and began in Germany. This is also the approach the country applied to clock making. Clockmakers came up with the notion of adding wood craving into clocks, the original black forest cuckoo clock is created from a mechanical system and features the magnificence of the black forest. German carved clocks are generally lavishly stained and include complicated etchings of woods and mountain scenes: featuring trees, blossoms, leaves, twirling vines, and other eye-catching flora.

eagle carved cuckoo clock

The 8-Days Black Wood Cuckoo Clock Movement

The original black forest cuckoo clock is a mechanical marvel. After each hour, the pieces of the wooden cuckoo clock work together to produce the pleasant coo coo sound. The amazing thing is that the sound of the cuckoo clock must be maintained by winding, as the original German black forest cuckoo clock does not use batteries. There are no dancers or moving features in this cuckoo clock. The cock is about 2-3 kilograms in weight.

Carved Cuckoo Clock

A Black Forest Cuckoo Clock For Tradition Lovers

These mechanical clocks are produced with care and precision, with each piece of the cuckoo clock being handcrafted using techniques that have been passed down through centuries. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your clock if you purchase our original and authentic cuckoo clock with the seal. The Black Forest and its Cuckoo Clocks are well-known around the world. Along with the style and plan, as well as the elaborate woodcarvings, the cuckoo's call, as well as the mechanical clock movements, have been preserved to this day. The Cuckoo Clock is a timeless masterpiece thanks to its unique style.

Cuckoo Clock Sound

We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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black forest certificate cuckoo clock made in germany