Chalet Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - das weiße Moos

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If you have the taste of olden times and want to relive the feeling of childhood and innocence, the cuckoo bird clock is relative to the memory of fun, music, childhood, and mechanical intelligence. It is a timepiece that will always be remembered in the history of clocks. The cuckoo clock sound takes you back in time when the cuckoo bird would fill the room with its sweet cuckoo clatter. These are the trademark of intelligence and innovation. The antique chalet cuckoo clocks induce feelings of nostalgia of black forest huts visible amidst the Swiss Alps.

hones chalet cuckoo clock 1 day movement

1-Day Cuckoo Clock Movement For Daily Song Lovers

A traditional black forest cuckoo clock needs to be wound in order to make it keep going. The certified black forest cuckoo clock needs to be wound every 24 hours or a week. This cuckoo clock is a 1-day movement clock, which means it will need to be wound every 24 hours. The cuckoo clock pendulum is responsible for the movement of the clock. The three pendulums mean the cuckoo clock is musical. This cuckoo clock plays music and has dancers. The clock weighs 4 kg with three moving elements in it. The cuckoo clock looks like a tiny residence from the black forest.

cuckoo clock movement

How is The Chalet Cuckoo Clock made ?

The wooden cuckoo clock needs exceptional craftsmanship and expertise to bring a masterpiece into existence. The traditional black forest cuckoo clocks need to be made with the same techniques that have been passed down for generations. The German black forest cuckoo clock is made from wood that is carved using exquisite craftsmanship. The cuckoo clock uses gears and needles and the cuckoo bird sound is a result of the mechanical techniques used in the clock making. Along with the setting of the cuckoo bird sound and its call, the wood cravings make the cuckoo clock a timeless masterpiece.

traditional cuckoo clock

We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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