Chalet Cuckoo Clock 1 Day Movement - Weiße Trink Brüderlein Trink

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The memory and history embedded into each Cuckoo Clock and the home it occupies represents fine German Engineering and Craftsmanship. The cuckoo bird that emerges out of the roof and makes the call is one of the most renowned features of a cuckoo bird clock and is a crowd-pleaser to this day. This traditional German black forest cuckoo clock design is popular since the 18th century and triggers fond memories of trips to the Swiss alps, hot cocoa, and sitting snugly waiting for the cuckoo to peep through the small doors on the hour of the coo-coo.

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1-Day Cycle For A Traditional Cuckoo Sound

The one-day movement chalet cuckoo clock needs to be wound every 24 hours, just pull on the chains until the weights are up by the clock. This cuckoo clock has 2 pendulums, which means the cuckoo clock is not musical. The old cuckoo clock has no music or dancers and no moving elements except for the cuckoo that comes out for a call. The certified black forest cuckoo clocks are mechanical clocks with an extreme long-life rack strike movement. Mesmerize your family and friends with this enchanting chalet cuckoo clock as it adds a touch of German History to your home.

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Outstanding Handcrafted Piece

These mechanical clocks are made with expertise and accuracy, with each piece of the cuckoo clock made by hand utilizing similar techniques passed down for generations. As you purchase our original and authentic cuckoo clock with the seal, you will get a certificate of authenticity with your clock. The Black Forest and its Cuckoo Clocks are world-renowned. Along with the style and plan, and the intricate wood-carvings; the arrangement of the call of the cuckoo and furthermore the mechanical clock movements are maintained to this day. The unique style has made the Cuckoo Clock a timeless masterpiece.

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We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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