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The black forest in the Germany are known for its picturesque villages and dense greenery. The time Germany decided to make a masterpiece in the field of clock making, they went for the striking looks and galore of the black forest, the linden tree was used for the manufacturing of the clock since it is a hardwood that can be carved intricately and can bear the weight of the mechanical cuckoo clock weights. A traditional black forest cuckoo clock depicts the houses of the black forest. The German black forest cuckoo clock is a masterpiece to hold on to and to keep in your place to make it resonate with our heritage and history.

traditional chalet cuckoo clock movement 8 days cycle

No Need To Rush With The 8-Days Cuckoo Clock Cycle

This is an 8 day movement cuckoo clock, which means it will need to be wound every 8th day. In order to make the clock keep working, winding of the clock is necessary. The wooden cuckoo clock is about 11-12 kg. The certified black forest cuckoo clock has music and dancers as well. The cuckoo bird clock had four moving elements in it. The mechanical work is a result of the cuckoo clock weights and cuckoo clock pendulums.

black wood forest cuckoo clocks

Made in Germany And Switzerland

A masterpiece of mechanical physics, that works on the cuckoo clock weights and cuckoo clock pendulum. The movement of the pendulum and weights are in sync making the cock work and the cuckoo bird to come at the time of call and fill the room with its sweet cuckoo sound. Gears and needles are used to make the cuckoo sound, which are fixed by hand by craftsmen. This is an age-old procedure for preserving the beauty and integrity of an ancient cuckoo clock that has been passed down through the generations.

chalet cuckoo clocks

We are Like You : Passionate About Cuckoo Clocks

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black forest certificate cuckoo clock made in germany